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St-Petersburg company tabakpodarki is in the market since 1999. Chain of 70 retail stores specializing in souvenirs and gifts embraces all districts of St-Petersburg and Russia, and keeps on growing.

We pay maximum attention to the quality of goods represented, select popular articles, rotate available products in order to make our assortment original, rich and various. Thanks to established business connections with russian suppliers and foreign partners we managed to provide you with wide choice and reasonable prices.

Our on-line shop offers:
Big variety of cigars and tobacco brands;
Smoking pipes and humidors;
Lighters and ash-trays;
All kinds of smoking accessories.

Great selection of souvenirs and gifts would satisfy even the most exacting taste. Here you would easily find gifts for ladies and gentlemen, for your family or sweethearts, for chiefs and associates, for aesthetes and intellectuals. Our souvenirs, gifts and presents would certainly be functional and appropriate equally at home place and in the office interior.

We are glad to cooperate with wholesalers as well as import suppliers.

Would you have any questions, inquiries or recommendations please forward them to the following e-mail address: shop@tabakpodarki.ru.



Вы связываетесь с нами для оформления заказа.
Заказ можно оформить прямо на сайте, выбрав понравившиеся вам табакподарки из каталога.
Также мы принимаем заказы по телефону и прочими, более прогрессивными способами:
тел.: (812) 333-03-23
моб.: (812) 946-27-37
e-mail: shop@tabakpodarki.ru
ICQ: 4453724 или 372188287
Skype: tabakpodarki


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